Why Puppy Island Care & Spa is the Top Choice for Dog Boarding in Glendale, CA

Whenever the need arises to find a trustworthy boarding service for your furry family member, the choice isn’t always easy. However, for those in the know, Puppy Island Care & Spa stands out as the premium provider of dog boarding in Glendale, CA. With offerings spanning from Standard to VIP and the pinnacle of pampering – LUX boarding – Puppy Island is revolutionizing dog care and accommodations. Let's delve deeper into each service to truly capture why we're the best.

Standard Boarding: Comfort and Consistency

Our Standard Boarding is anything but basic. Perfect for a snug overnight sojourn, this option ensures your pet's comfort in a cozy room tailored to their size. Large pups can stretch out in our spacious rooms, While our smaller, yet spacious accommodations are perfect for pups who appreciate a more intimate setting or are getting accustomed to designated sleeping areas.

One of the key features of our Standard Boarding service is the constant connection with your pet. We provide pup parents with three daily photo updates, ensuring that you're always in the loop. And, with heaters and air conditioners in each room, your dog's comfort is always optimized.

VIP Boarding: Elevated Care for Your VIP (Very Important Pup)

For those pets used to a bit more luxury, our VIP Boarding is the ideal fit. Your dog will revel in the spaciousness of a room designed with an open ceiling, ample walk-space, and a broad glass door. t's the ideal setting for pups who prefer to relax in a cozy environment or simply enjoy lounging on a huge pet beds.

Beyond the physical comfort, our VIP service guarantees that you remain connected to your pup. With five daily photo updates and a video snippet, you'll feel close even when apart. And as always, our state-of-the-art temperature regulation ensures your pet's environment is just right.

LUX Boarding: The Ultimate in Dog Boarding Experience

For the dog owners who seek unmatched luxury and connection, our LUX Boarding is second to none. With the same spacious design as our VIP rooms, the LUX service takes pet care to another level. Seven photo updates, two video check-ins, and a daily walk ensure that while you're away, your dog is not only cared for but truly pampered.

This package is designed especially for pet parents who find separation a tad challenging. With our barrage of updates, we aim to make you feel as if your fur baby is right beside you, even if just virtually.

In the heart of Glendale, CA, Puppy Island Care & Spa is setting the standard for dog boarding, ensuring that every pet feels at home and every owner is at ease. So the next time you're searching for top-tier dog boarding in Glendale, CA, remember the unmatched offerings of Puppy Island Care & Spa. Your pup deserves nothing less than the best!