A Guide to Preparing Your Dog for Daycare and Spa Services

When it comes to taking care of our fur babies, we want the best for them. Dog daycare, boarding and spa services are becoming increasingly popular for busy dog owners who want to ensure their pups are well taken care of while they're away. Not only do these services at Puppy Island provide a safe and fun environment for your pup, but they also offer the opportunity for socialization and exercise. In this article, we'll walk you through what to expect when signing your pup up for daycare, boarding and spa services at our facility!

 Get your furry friend ready for a day of fun and relaxation at the dog daycare and spa. Learn about vaccinations, liability paperwork, and the benefits of socialization for your pup.

What vaccines are needed and why they're important

Vaccination check
The first step when signing your pup up for daycare and boarding services is to make sure they are up-to-date on their vaccinations. This is important to protect not only your pup but also other dogs in the facility from contracting any unwanted viruses or illnesses. The required vaccinations may vary depending on the facility, but common vaccinations include Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Influenza, Parvo, etc. Puppy Island Care & Spa specifically checks for updated Rabies, Distemper & Bordatella, the rest of the vaccines are highly recommended but not mandatory. It's important to provide proof of your pup's vaccinations via email before they can be admitted to the facility.

Liability paperwork, what to expect and why it's necessary

Liability paperwork
All trustworthy daycare, boarding and spa facilities will require you to sign a liability waiver. This is to protect the facility from any legal issues that may arise while your pup is in their care. The waiver may also include information about your responsibilities as a pet owner, such as ensuring your pup is healthy and well-behaved.

The benefits of daycare, boarding and spa services

A happy, tired, and socialized pup
The benefits of daycare, boarding and spa services go beyond just a safe place for your pup to stay while you're away. Our cage free services also provide an opportunity for your pup to socialize with other dogs and receive exercise and mental stimulation. This can lead to a happier, healthier, and more well-behaved pup. After a day at daycare or after spa services, you can expect your pup to come home tired and content.

In conclusion,

Signing your pup up for daycare, boarding and spa services at Puppy Island Care & Spa can be a great way to ensure they are well taken care of while you're away.
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