Hello, dear Puppy Island family and potential furry newcomers!

When you think of a paradise for your pawed pals, we aspire to be at the forefront of your thoughts. Nestled not too far away in Glendale, Puppy Island has grown in reputation, becoming a top choice for many of our North Hollywood neighbors. Wondering what makes our spot the go-to even for those outside Glendale? Let's fetch some answers!

Contests That Wag Tails and Win Hearts

Every dog is unique, and at Puppy Island, we celebrate those quirks and skills. Our calendar is dotted with contests ranging from the most playful 'Tail Wagging Challenge' to the crowd-favorite 'Singing Pup Symphony'. We believe these contests are not just about the ribbons or the applause (though our furry contestants do love them!); they're about building confidence, sociability, and joy.

More than Day Care – It's Play Care!

We've redefined dog day care. While rest and relaxation are important, playtime is where the magic happens. Our obstacle courses are designed to challenge and engage, our open play areas foster friendships, and our themed playdates? Well, let's just say they are the talk of the town – both in Glendale and North Hollywood.

A Bark Away from North Hollywood

We might be located in Glendale, but our hearts (and many of our pawed patrons) belong to North Hollywood. We're just a short drive away, making drop-offs and pick-ups a breeze. Our North Hollywood community has grown, and we’re immensely grateful for their trust and love.

Safety First, Always

Behind the scenes of every giggle and bark, our top priority remains the safety and well-being of our furry guests. Every activity, contest, and free play session is supervised by our trained and compassionate staff, ensuring that fun is always paired with safety.

Join the Pack!

We're not just a daycare; we're a community. Whether you're from Glendale, North Hollywood, or beyond, Puppy Island welcomes you with wagging tails and open hearts. Dive into a world where dogs don't just stay; they thrive!

So, to our North Hollywood friends and neighbors, if you haven't visited us yet, we invite you to experience the Puppy Island difference. Come over, and let's create some paw-sitive memories together!

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